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Carrickboy, Ballyshannon, County Donegal.


Principal – Mr. Conor Carney                      Tel.    072/51689

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Roots of Empathy

Roots of Emapthy programme 2012-13


Roots of Empathy was founded in Canada in 1996 by Mary Gordon. Mary grew up in Newfoundland, but later moved to Toronto, Ontario.[3] In her early career, she was a kindergarten teacher. In 1981, she founded Canada’s first school-based Parenting and Family Literacy centres, which have become public policy in Ontario and are being used as a model for similar programs internationally.

In one of her many citations for her work with children it was said of her, “Mary Gordon introduces us to the wisdom of babies and shows us how they can… Continue reading

School Self Evaluation

As resources continue to be unmercifully slashed at all levels in Education the Government  continues to seek improvements from its schools and school going population. Part of this strategy is school self evaluation report.

The school self evaluation report was presented to the Board of Management at the end of the school year. Its findings will be part of the school improvement plan which will be worked on through 2013/14 as part of the Literacy and Numeracy strategy first proposed by the government in 2010.

The Standardised tests showed significant strengths particularly in the case of the Reading test… Continue reading

Booklists 2013/14


Books for Infant classes and first class will be on the childs desk at the start of September. Books for classes in the senior school are listed below and can be purchased in Novel Idea on Castle street run by Mary Mc Guinness


2nd Class Booklist – September 2013







 Bun go Barr 2 

Ceartlitriú 2

 C J Fallon 

C J Fallon






 Mathemagic 2Table Book – Fallon’s Only

Table Toppers 2

New Wave Mental Maths 2nd class


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Aladdin a resounding success

Holy Family’s Aladdin a Great Success
Holy Family N.S. took to the boards last Wednesday and Thursday night and produced an amazing show to packed houses on each night with their Musical version of Aladdin. The musical adapted for the school by principal Conor Carney revealed a depth of acting singing and dancing talent that will long live in the memory of the audience who thoroughly enjoyed the two hour spectacle performance.
The array of talent was carefully choreographed so that singing acting and dancing complemented each other and the show moved to its conclusion with great colour pace and… Continue reading

School Self Evaluation

In the programme for government 2011-16 school self evaluation was put forward as a new system requiring all schools to evaluate their own performance year on year and publish information across a wide range of criteria. This has been tied in with the Literacy and Numeracy strategy  ( see separate article above). School self evaluation according to the Department Guidelines “is a collaborative inclusive , reflective process of internal school review”.

In this process the school staff will gather evidence through consultation with parents and children by for example, conducting surveys and examining standardized test scores . Based on… Continue reading

Literacy and Numeracy

The staff of the school in consultation with the parent body( through the Math questionnaire June 2013 ) will be concentrating on Numeracy ( the ability to apply simple mathematical concepts) over the next year as part of the Governments plan to improve the standard of Mathematics and English in  schools called the “Literacy and Numeracy Strategy”.At a meeting held with the inspector at the end of May it became apparent that all the schools in the Ballyshannon area had opted to begin by concentrating on Numeracy or basically improving understanding of Maths. In line with national and international… Continue reading

Financial situation bleak for Board Of Management

Following three swinging budgets and another one expected in October 2013 the position of Boards of Managements throughout the country and the schools they run has become precarious.

In 2012 the Government agreed to cut the Minor Works grant which was the mainstay of all schools completely. It meant in effect for a school the size of Holy Family , the income was cut from €32,000 to €24,000 per year. This amounts to a reduction of 25% in the school’s remuneration  budget. When you consider that Insurance will soon be taken out of the coffers which amounts to €4,000… Continue reading

School Class allocations 2013/14

Mrs  Daly will teach Junior Infants and Senior Infants.

Mrs Mc Ginn will teach Senior infants and First class.

Mrs Timoney will teach 2nd  Class and 3rd Class

Miss Mullaney will teach 4th Class

Mr Carney will teach 5th and 6th Class.

Miss Mc Nally will be our Learning Support Teacher

The staff  feels blessed that we continue to  have such wonderful support from Parents and to have such terrific children to teach. Their good manners, eagerness to learn and the respect they show the school, their teachers themselves and each other  means that … Continue reading

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones are a part and parcel of everyday life. They are a great means of communication and are a lifeline for many people. However we have asked children to leave them at home during school time. Children have access to the school phone for all essential calls. They only have to ask. Everything from forgotten textbooks to football boots , from Lost lunches to information about sporting substitutions have been relayed through the phone.

We insist on the no mobile phones rule because of our experience with the misuse of the phones. The modern phone is now fitted with… Continue reading