Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones are a part and parcel of everyday life. They are a great means of communication and are a lifeline for many people. However we have asked children to leave them at home during school time. Children have access to the school phone for all essential calls. They only have to ask. Everything from forgotten textbooks to football boots , from Lost lunches to information about sporting substitutions have been relayed through the phone.

We insist on the no mobile phones rule because of our experience with the misuse of the phones. The modern phone is now fitted with unfiltered internet access, a camera and other software that is beyond my paltry knowledge. I have known  them to be used in very dangerous  ways in schools to assist in bullying another child, in filming fights in recording indecent behaviour. They can be a distraction in class with their  sophisticated computer games. And of course there is the great fun of having the phoned go off in the class. We ask all parents to help us in this regard and ensure that mobile phones are left at home