Literacy and Numeracy

The staff of the school in consultation with the parent body( through the Math questionnaire June 2013 ) will be concentrating on Numeracy ( the ability to apply simple mathematical concepts) over the next year as part of the Governments plan to improve the standard of Mathematics and English in  schools called the “Literacy and Numeracy Strategy”.At a meeting held with the inspector at the end of May it became apparent that all the schools in the Ballyshannon area had opted to begin by concentrating on Numeracy or basically improving understanding of Maths. In line with national and international studies and our own questionnaire  the business of problem solving in Maths will be a priority for the school in the next year as we focus on Mathematics.

Broadly speaking the Government under Ruairi Quinn and Department of Education want to improve  the attitudes towards Numeracy by asking schools to create positive attitudes towards Maths among the public as well as among school children. It wants all schools to set goals, achieve realistic targets for the improvement of Numeracy skills of its students.

It expects schools  to increase the percentage of pupils performing at level 3 and 4 in Standardised testing results ( Sigma T) by at least 5% and reduce the number of children scoring at level 1 by at least 5% .

The Government asks that Parents become more involved in the Numeracy strategy by providing better information to parent bodies.

The school has started and will continue to plan for the achievement of the general goals laid out in the strategy