For years now we have  urged parents to give their children  a healthy lunch. While most parents have  done their best to make sure this is the case there is a small minority who seem to think they are doing their child a favour by giving them crisps chocolates or sweets or fizzy drinks on days other than Friday. We allow chocolate items or crisps or sweets on Friday but we never allow fizzy drinks.

Whatever the reason is; showing how much you love your child, bending to nagging pressure, couldn’t be bothered with the rule, the results are potentially harmful to your child. The build up of a sweet tooth can lead to; overweight as sugar is turned to fats; heart problems and diabetes in later life ( one of the most common killers) not to mention the dentists bills as children’s teeth disintegrate under the sugar onslaught.

Our  healthy eating policy is designed to meet the problem of not only childhood obesity but health problems in later life .

Underlying the policy is the need for children to learn to their utmost while in school. Every parent knows that after a sugar rush behaviour changes and the first casualty is concentration. Giddiness becomes the general pattern of behaviour and children often loose their ability to work at their lessons which of course demands concentration ( the first casualty )

Health eating and indeed drinking is the key to maximising performance no matter what we do. When we consider that a child has to concentrate for five hours solid each day we have to understand that it takes its toll on the child. An imbalance in food can cause all sorts of problems which impairs the efforts the child makes to work at their lessons whatever they might be.


Some children develop an allergy towards nuts. We have at least two children with a known allergy to nuts. One of those children is starting in infants this year. Foe this reason we ask all parents to keep nuts and nut products out of your children’s lunch. As a nut lover myself I find this a strange allergy to be worried about. Aren’t nuts healthy? Indeed they are, providing you do not have an allergic reaction to them which can have  extreme consequences including swelling of the mouth, nausea , vomiting or in the worst case scenario anaphylactic shock which basically causes the lips and tongue to swell up blocking the airways of the child. Help us help your children! Provide healthy lunches. But please leave out nuts and nut products.