Financial situation bleak for Board Of Management

Following three swinging budgets and another one expected in October 2013 the position of Boards of Managements throughout the country and the schools they run has become precarious.

In 2012 the Government agreed to cut the Minor Works grant which was the mainstay of all schools completely. It meant in effect for a school the size of Holy Family , the income was cut from €32,000 to €24,000 per year. This amounts to a reduction of 25% in the school’s remuneration  budget. When you consider that Insurance will soon be taken out of the coffers which amounts to €4,000 themoney left to run the school is a pittance. After paying the ESB, phone  and Oil bills for the year there is precious little left to spend on anything.

Last year it was confirmed that Holy Family despite ten years of work on the matter had been thwarted in its efforts to have an extension added to the school.

Mr Quinn  the minister for Education stopped the  process pleading lack of funds despite the fact that in the region of €60,000 and more was spent on the planning process.

  Photocopying and Book rental levy

The purpose of this article is not however to find fault with either the Government or the Minister or the Department.  The main thrust is to make everyone aware of the situation and to ask every member of the school community to help in whatever way they can.

For each family in the school we ask you to check whether you have paid the book rental and photocopying levy  due to the Board of Management and to support the efforts of the School’s Parents Association in its fund raising efforts throughout the year.

The cost of running the school in the immediate future is a cost all of us in the school community must share. While we  must keep pressure on the Government and its public representatives to change its stance on funding schools we must play a waiting game.

Our children however cannot wait.