Enrolment form


Carrickboy, Ballyshannon, County Donegal.


Principal – Mr. Conor Carney                      Tel.    072/51689

                     Junior School                                       072/51061

Enrolment Form





Names of Parents/Guardians: _____________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________________________________


Home Telephone No. ___________________         Work Tel. No. _____________________


Mobile No. __________________________         Contact No. _________________________


Form of Employment: (for Government statistics only)





Family Religion: ___________________________________________






Child’s Full Name: __________________________________________________________


Position of child in family: ___________________________________________________


Date of Birth: _________________________


Date of Baptism: _______________________


Place of Baptism: ______________________________________________

Or Baptismal Certificate if the child is born outside the local Parishes.


Play School:          Yes                 No                    (Please tick appropriate box)


Previous School: ( if applicable) _______________________________________________







In case your child should become ill and there is no one at home please give the name, address and telephone number of two people we could contact.


Medical File


Is there anything you would like the teachers to know about your child in relation to ailments , allergies, syndromes or special needs.












Family  Doctor:




Contact 1.

Name: _____________________  


Address: ___________________



Tel. No. ________________  



Contact 2.

Name: _________________________  


Address: ________________________ 



Tel. No. _________________________  



Class Entry


Month of Entry: ________________      Year of Entry: ______________


(Please tick box.)


Junior Infants                           Senior Infants 



1st   Class                                   2nd Class        



3rd Class                                   4th Class         




5th Class                                    6th Class        








Year of entry: __________


Class September:

2nd Class o


3rd Class o