Code of Behaviour

Holy Family N.S                        Code of Behaviour


Our school wishes to instil the highest standards of self discipline in the pupils, to create a good learning environment for all its students which will nurture their self esteem and creativity.

Content of policy;

The policy is based on mutual respect and co operation of all members of the school community. Each child is expected to;

  • Behave in a respectful, tolerant manner to every person.
  • Respect others goods and property.
  • Be punctual
  • Have their homework completed on arrival at school.
  • Wear a uniform or school tracksuit as requested.
  • Enter and exit the school in an orderly fashion as directed.
  • Walk inside the school building, not run.
  • Place litter in the appropriate bins, but never drop litter.
  • Behave well in class
  • Respect each teacher in the school at all times.
  • Keep the toilet areas clean and not abuse them.
  • Write on copies, paper and white boards but not on walls.
  • Report any problems concerning the toilets.
  • Play games that are not demeaning or purposely hurtful to others.
  • Respect other children’s games.
  • Remain in the school grounds from the moment they reach school until they depart unless written permission is given by a parent and the child is accompanied from the grounds by a responsible adult known to both the parent and the school.
  • Play at the back of the school not at the front.
  • Refrain from fighting and “play fighting”.
  • Leave their mobile phones at home. Mobile phones are not allowed in school
  • Leave chewing gum at home. Chewing Gum is not allowed at school under any circumstances.

Bullying is unacceptable in any form within the school. Any incident or suspected incident should be reported immediately to the school.

In the event of unacceptable behaviour occurring in the class, group, or playground, the teacher in charge will immediately deal with the issues involved. If the incident is considered to be out of the ordinary then the Principal will be informed.


In the event of a child continually causing disruption to the running of the school, causing danger to himself or others, refusing to comply with a reasonable request from a teacher, causing disruption to the education of his/her peers then the school may have to consider suspension of the pupil. In doing so the school recognises the need to manage the behaviour of the child in the first place and only when this fails will the steps to suspension begin.

Before a child is suspended the child and his/her family will be aware of the reasons for the need for suspension. The school through the teachers and the principal will seek to resolve the situation without recourse to suspension by;

  • The child being spoken to in relation to his/her behaviour.
  • The parents being contacted by phone and the problem discussed
  • A warning letter being sent to the parents of the child in relation to his/her behaviour
  • A meeting being arranged with parents to further discuss the problem and the possibility of suspension
  • The chairperson of the board of management will be informed
  • The family will be informed by letter that the child will serve  a term of suspension .
  • In extreme cases especially where violence is visited on  school personnel or unprovoked violence is visited on another pupil the school reserves the right to ask the parents to remove the child from the school immediately